• Carol S. Dweck on Growth Mindset

    Last Thursday Carol S. Dweck spoke to a packed room about growth mindset in Budapest at an event organized by HVG Extra. (You know someone’s serious when they have their own Wikipedia article). These are my notes from the talk.

  • Serving error pages from HAProxy

    A.k.a. a terrible, terrible hack. There are hints around this solution on the internets, but I couldn't find a good explanation of what's going on, so here you go.

  • Octopress 2 to Jekyll

    A few days ago Soft Skills: The software developer's life manual reminded me that blogging is a Good Thing ™, so I cloned the old repository. First things first, let's upgrade Octopress! Since I last looked, Octopress received a major version upgrade from version 2 to 3. That's good, the post detailing the release is really promising. It didn't, on the other hand, receive a migration guide. That's less good. After looking around the interwebz and finding several articles about moving from Octopress to Jekyll, I also decided to take the leap. Here are some learnings not covered or not detailed in those articles.

  • Dev Environment as Software - SSH and Aliases

    In Mindset: Your Dev Environment Is Software I showed several small examples for how you can optimize parts of your development workflow, just by realizing that the stuff you're using to develop is also software. (Yes, this is trivial, but stating it explicitly leads to interesting results.)

    Today I'd like to give a detailed explanation of how a biggish refactor of your workflow might look like. Case in point: SSHing to nodes by ip, by hostname, by EC2 instance id, by Chef role, as different users. Fast.

  • Mindset: Your Dev Environment is Software

    If you write software for a living (or just for fun), you're probably using a bunch of other pieces of software to help you get your job done.

    At that moment, the developer was enlightened.

    I'm going to rant a bit about how this realization should change your life. What realization? That the thing you are working on and the thing you are working with are of the same substance. You can, and you should, use the same tools to improve both.