Things I'm proud of

Professionally, that is. Not in any particular order.

Who's this guy anyway?

Started writing web applications around 2008, while trying to check out at as many buzz-words as possible. I make a hobby of learning any language and backend technology I come across.

I like listening to melodic metal, looking at cats and reading about pyramids. Also imaginary dragons and boxes with lots of tiny feet. Seriously, go and read some Discworld novels.

This blog

It's all about writing down some solutions I worked hard to get, that should be documented, but aren't. This means that usually I'm just getting my feet wet with the topic of a post. Lately I've been looking for some problems where I already know all the answers, so there's no risk of omitting something important. Turns out it's pretty hard to think of a technical problem that's not a problem for you - feel free to help out if you have any ideas.

Some posts use a "problem - solution - explanation" format, useful when you face the same situation. Others showcase a specific technology or concept related to web applications and infrastructure, or just to give you some food for thought. A few "look what I made" posts slip in as well from time to time. Please endulge me.

What’s with the name?

I hit some letters at random when I needed a name for a character in a CRPG ages ago. I’ve tried to create other names the same way, but it just doesn’t work. Anyway, according to a Latin teacher from secondary school, it means "stay away". It’s supposed to be some kind of semi-ceremonial imperativus of absum.

Past incarnations of this here blog

I wrote my first post in 2008 on a Blogspot blog. Actually, you can still check it out here. Another one, where I’ve written the blog engine can be found here. The comments are 100% spam as far as I can see.