Backdooring an AWS account
An illuminating read on what you'd want to do after compromising an AWS account. Inversely, what you'd want to prevent / monitor when you have an AWS account. It focuses on making sure you can keep your access to the account, even after discovery. Joining The Atlassian Family
No special comments here, just plain interesting. Atlassian is cool, is cool, they'll hopefully multiply their coolness.

AWS acquires collaborative coding company Cloud9 IDE
I've first tried Cloud9 over four years ago. That fact that they're still around is impressive. The fact that they're acquired by AWS is pointing in the direction of AWS becoming a one-stop platform for all steps of a backend / web development workflow.

Using Docker tags to mess with people’s minds
Contrary to the title, this post is a concise collection of best practices and useful tricks using Docker tags.

Microsoft REST API Guidelines
A gigantic page of rules and practices open-sourced by Microsoft. I don't know how strictly they follow it (and for what APIs), but it looks like a solid starting point, or just an idea of repositories, for designing your own guidelines.

Stack Exchange Postmortem
An impressive post-mortem by Stack Exchange - you know, the entity behind StackOverflow. - the cron schedule expression editor
I always forget the syntax of crontab files. This helps.

httpolice: Lint for HTTP
A linter for HTTP requests and responses. How does your site rate?

"My Philosophy on Alerting" - Rob Ewaschuk
Clear, short formulation of monitoring and alerting best practices collected and refined over the past 5-10 years. Perfectly aligned with practices shared at Monitorama (THE monitoring conference).

The development environment, containerized. Haven't tried it out yet, but I like the promise.

noms: The versioned, forkable, syncable database
What the title says. It's a database built on concepts generally used in VCSs, and specifically in git.

AWS Application Load Balancer
A new ELB-like feature, with URL-based routing capabilities.