Sometimes I share at Prezi the most interesting articles I find online. Someone asked to maybe make these publicly available, so let's see how that works out.

A Look Back at One Year of Docker Security (2016-04-20) is a look at the security-focused changes that happened in Docker in the past year. I love the "secure by default" philosophy. Daemon-side ulimits, user-namespaces, and other fun thingies.

Amazon EMR Update – Apache HBase 1.2 Is Now Available (2016-04-21) is AWS announcing that they've released new features for EMR, their hosted big data stack. The second half of the post veers off into a "getting started with HBase", in case you want to give it a quick spin.

Antivirus for S3 Buckets (2016-04-18) is a short and sweet post on how to use ClamAV to check content in an S3 bucket for malware. Extra brownie points for the architecture diagram with Cloudcraft.

Longer EBS and Storage Gateway Resource IDs Now Available (2016-04-28) is just an announcement that the newer, longer, better IDs are now available for more resource types.

Kafka Inside Keystone Pipeline (2016-04-27) talks about how Netflix uses Kafka inside their Keystone data pipeline. Challenges of running at scale, failovers, some configuration, deployment strategies, the good stuff.