How've you been? Keeping on keeping on? Crazy year huh?

So the reason I haven't been writing much is... actually, I have been writing a bunch, just not here. I spent a whole bunch of time writing a book.

Significant chunks of software engineering consist of making a computer understand an idea you've had. This isn't always writing code. Sometimes it's pressing alt-tab fifteen times to find the window you want. Other times it's browsing man find for the hundredth time. Yet other times the problem is not even the translation into computer-speak - it's formulating intentions clearly enough to qualify for translation at all. This book walks through the major components of a well-built development environment, aiming to also provide general techniques applicable to any technology.

Topics covered: editors, operating systems, window managers, terminal emulators and shells, configuration management. Focuses on Linux, and macOS.

Sounds interesting? Maybe check it out! Here: Development Environment Development.